Neighborhood HamWatch is a nationally recognized voluntary service program for all amateur radio operators who want to provide a helpful service to their neighbors during times of extended power outage.

These are periods of time that can go on for days or weeks. These are times when Amateur Radio Operators, or "Hams", can help.

Get Started Today!

NHW provides a Getting Started Guide suitable for both individuals and clubs.

The concept is simple, and getting started is easy!

Neighborhood HamWatch is built upon three tiers of action.

1. Neighborhood radio operators can get on their radios and talk to each other.

Across the county or across the whole city, Hams can break the barrier of silence.

2. Neighborhood radio operators can contact government Emergency Operations Centers (EOC).

EOCs are equipped with Amateur Radio stations and operators that can describe your local neighborhood conditions and special needs to the proper emergency managers.

3. Specially equipped Hams can send short messages.

Ham operators can send messages to families outside the disaster zone through the Amateur Radio National Traffic System or via WinLink.


All documents are in PDF format.

NHW In Volusia County

Under Development - TBA March 2011

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